So, Lady Gaga’s Dad Set Up A GoFundMe For His Restaurant And People Are Not Impressed

He tried to raise $50,000 online.


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Right now, a lot of people have found themselves out of work due to the current pandemic, and many businesses have closed their doors, with the hopes of reopening once it’s safe to do so. One business that’s shut their doors is that of ‘Joanne’s Trattoria’ in New York, owned by Lady Gaga’s dad, Joe Germanotta.

Like some other businesses, Joe decided to set up a crowdfunding account, in order to help pay his staff during these difficult times. He tweeted a link to a GoFundMe page which aimed to raise $50,000 to cover his staff’s wages, writing, “I’m doing the best I can but had to close Joanne for the month. Our staff needs some help financial [sic]. Any help for our employees would be appreciated.”

It seems like a pretty normal thing to do, plenty has done it, the only difference is? Well, Joe’s daughter who we all know and love as Lady Gaga, is reportedly worth a whopping $300 million. So there’s a lot of people left scratching their heads, wondering why Joe felt the need to ask the public for help. According to Cosmopolitan, Joe has since deleted the tweet and shut down the GoFundMe page, he seemed to have second thoughts once he saw the online reaction. But the people of the internet are still reeling over it, and they’re not very happy.


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