So Nicole Richie Accidentally Set Her Hair On Fire In Her 40th Birthday Video

Now adding this to my list of fears.


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You know those things that you never really think about until you hear it happening? Well, Nicole Richie has lived out everyone’s worst birthday fears, as her hair literally caught on fire when blowing out the candles on her 40th birthday cake.

Nicole shared the video of the accident on her Instagram, where her hair literally catches on fire and frankly, it looks quite terrifying.

In the clip, Nicole leans forward to blow out her birthday candles, with the ends of her hair catching fire before the flames quickly spread up to one side of her hair. Yep, literally terrifying. As she quickly realises what’s happening, Nicole jumps back before other people jump in.


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A post shared by NICOLE RICHIE (@nicolerichie)

Although she didn’t share details on whether or not she was hurt, Nicole seems to already be able to joke about the whole thing. Along with the clip, she shared the caption: “Well… so far 40 is 🔥”.

Nicole’s younger sister, Sofia Richie, commented, “OH MY F***ING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!” before jokingly adding, “That’s hot😂😂😂😂😂,” of course in reference to the iconic catchphrase from The Simple Life.

Plenty of other famous faces also commented, with Paris Hilton writing “OMFG 🙀 Happy Birthday Bill! Hope your ok!🥺 love youuuuu”, Kelly Rowland commented, “My heart just dropped!!!!” while Katy Perry added, “WAIT NO WAY WAIT OMG”.

Yeah, you can only imagine. Let’s hope both Nicole and her hair are okay!


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