So, Perrie Edwards Once Accidentally Sexted Her Ex’s Dad

Could you IMAGINE

There are few things on this planet more embarrassing than making a show of yourself in front of a s/o’s parent. Getting a bit too drunk at the family party, or accidentally insulting them are up there, but sending them a sext? that has to be the worst thing possible.

Admitting that she’s someone who did just that, Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards shared the mortifying story during her appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show.

During a game of ‘never have I ever’, the subject of sending a rude message to the wrong person came up, and Perrie relayed her incident.

“(I sent one) my ex-boyfriend’s dad… by accident. It was the most mortifying moment of my entire life,” she began.

Explaining what exactly went down, she continued:

“I sent a selfie of my face and loads of messages. I can’t even say (what the texts said). Like really naughty ones. Like really, really naughty messages.”

“His mam messaged the next day to say, ‘the iCloud is still connected’. It was the most mortifying thing ever, but kind of funny.”

Safe to say we would simply pass away had it happened to us.

Which ex-boyfriend it was, Perrie did not reveal. But, it sure isn’t the man she’s currently dating, Liverpool player Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

During the interview, conversation also turned to Perrie and Alex tying the knot. Speaking about engagements, the Little Mix girls and fellow guest Joe wicks spoke about their thoughts on the tradition, with Joe telling the story of how he proposed to his wife in the Maldives.

“I’d like it to be the traditional way. I hope he’s watching this and heard Joe’s incredible story. Four years we’ve been together!”

Consider yourself told, Alex.


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