So These Two Love Is Blind Contestants Knew Each Other Long Before The Show Aired

A whole ten years, to be precise.


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We promise, a time will come when we stop talking, breathing and living Love Is Blind. But that time is not today, because it turns out two of the Love Is Blind contestants knew each other a long time before the show and well, our minds are blown. If you haven’t gotten around to watching the show just yet (make some time this weekend, you won’t regret it), we won’t add any spoilers in right now, but basically there’s a whole lot of people looking for love and going on dates, but they never get to see who they’re actually dating. Until they get engaged that is. Wild.

But Jessica and Kelly left us all a little stunned, when they revealed that they’ve been friends for ten years. According to Cosmopolitan, during an Instagram Q&A, Jessica was asked if she knew Kelly before the show, and lo and behold, she did. “I’ve known Kel for 10 years,” Jessica replied, with a throwback pic of the two of them.

We were all a little more than surprised, understandably, and left wondering why their long term friendship never came up on the show? Although, to be fair, all the contestants were living in Atlanta at the time of filming (to give their future relationships the best chance), so it’s pretty likely that a few of them knew each other pre filming. But ten years is pretty mad, so we’re looking forward to seeing what other secrets come out about the show.


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