So This Is The Reason Men Think Women Wear Make-Up And It’s Going To Make You Angry

Quite frankly, we're insulted.

Prepare to roll your eyes because a new study by YouGov has found that the majority of men don’t understand us women at all. Surprise, surprise.

The study shows that that 63 per cent of men think that women wear makeup in order to trick people into thinking they’re more attractive. Not to make ourselves feel more confident, not because we like it, but to TRICK THEM into thinking we look nice. You’d swear we looked like underground gremlins without a bit of lippy.

Overall, 43 per cent of people feel that women wear ‘too much makeup,’ which is reflected in the experiences of women who feel that have been ‘makeup shamed’ for their full faces.

One girl tweeted, “*No one* NEEDS makeup. That doesn’t mean there aren’t valid reasons to wear it, or that anyone should be shamed for wearing it.”

While another said, “Everyone claims to want a ‘natural girl’ but when they actually see one hairy, no makeup, they call them ugly. Women are shamed for existing.”

We should be able to wear make-up without men accusing us of trying to deceive them. Similarly, we should be able to rock a bare face without being judged.

*Deep breath in, and exhale*

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