So Weird! Turns Out Selena And The Weeknd Look Exactly Like Her Parents When They Were Younger

It's actually kinda eerie.

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It’s the blossoming romance we can’t stop talking about. Cheeky shifts behind bins, cute holiday snaps together, romantic PDAs… Selena and Abel are fast becoming our ultimate couple goals.

But just in case you’re not convinced that their courtship is written in the stars, you need to see the uncanny resemblance behind Selena and Abel and her parents when they were younger.

Just look, there’s a serious comparison going on…

fuck // @selfenty

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If that’s not a sign it’s meant to be then we don’t know what is.

Obviously Selena looks like her mum because, well, it’s her mum (duh!) but there’s definitely a resemblance going on between Abel and Selena’s dad there too.

Lets hope Selena and Abel go on to be as happy as Mr and Mrs Gomez. Who knows, maybe in a few years they’ll be making some chart-topping offspring of their own!


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