*Sob*…. Cheryl’s Response When Asked About Liam Payne Makes Us Think It Really Is Over

Say it ain't so

Cheryl and Liam Bump

Rumours have been swirling about a possible split between Cheryl and Liam, and it seems they have been given a bit more substance.

Up until now, they were just that, rumours, but Cheryl’s latest statement has us writing the relationship epitaph, and its actually pretty upsetting!

The former X Factor judge has just officially opened the Cheryl’s Trust centre in association with the Prince’s Trust, to help disadvantaged children in her home town of Newcastle.

We’ve known that this was a passion project for the mum of one for some time now, which may have been why she brushed off questions about long term bf Liam, when asked in an interview with BBC Breakfast, or maybe it’s because it really “doesn’t matter…”

“No it doesn’t bother me at all as my focus is solely on this. I’ve waited for seven years to finally be here and none of that matters this is the most important part for me.”

So, are Bear’s parents really headed for a split?… Looks like it!