Social Media Star Miriam Mullins Hits Back At Negativity After Late Late Show Appearance

"they’re putting bad vibes out to the world and they’ll get bad vibes back”

Irish TikTok sensation Miriam Mullins has shared a message with those making negative comments about her Late Late Show appearance.

Last Friday saw the Cork native told host Ryan Tubridy about her social media account and how she uses it to not only create funny skits, but to provide support and inspiration for young Irish people, creating videos about consent and wider issues.

However, while the reaction to her being on the show was widely positive, some viewers had some negative feedback too. A number of people took to social media to share their thoughts, stating that a ‘TikTok star’ was an inappropriate choice of guest, feeling that the conversation she had with Ryan was lacking.

Getting wind of the bad comments, Miriam has released a statement on her social media this week, sharing her thoughts on the situation.

“I know there are probably people out there that probably watched that interview that don’t like me and don’t like my content and wanted to pick apart stuff and wanted to tweet stuff about me”

“Whatever, let them do it, their life is going to be negative, their negative people and they’re putting bad vibes out to the world and they’ll get bad vibes back”

Despite some negativity, many feel that Miriam did a great job on the chatshow, praising her for being such a positive role model for young people, a role she herself takes pride in.

“I absolutely love being a role model to young people”

“I get messages from teenage girls and teenage boys all of the time about ‘what do I do in this situation?”

“Just from my experiences of being in school and being in college, I can take that and bring it on and hopefully help people,” she concluded.