Sophie Turner Wasn’t Allowed Wash Her Hair While Filming ‘Game Of Thrones’ And We’re Disturbed

"We would have little snow paper particles that would get stuck in the grease."

Sophie Turner’s Game of Thrones character Sansa Stark is known for her gorgeous red hair on the show, so what would you think if I told you it was mad greasy?

Well, be prepared, because Sophie recently told InStyle that when was filming Game of Thrones, she literally wasn’t allowed wash her hair.

We all know Sansa as the gorgeous, young and well-groomed princess she was in the first couple of seasons of the show, but you’ll remember she goes through some rough patches and looks a little grubby later on. To achieve this look, the actress was banned from giving her hair a good washing. Tragic.

“For the first few seasons I was allowed to wash my hair because I was an aristocratic young girl. Towards season 5 they started asking me to not wash my hair and it was really disgusting.”

She even said that the grease caused her head to itch, which is slightly disturbing.

“Really itchy! Also, we would have the snow machines going so we would have little snow paper particles that would get stuck in the grease. It was disgusting. ”

Sophie was eventually allowed to start wearing a wig during filming, so she could be as clean as she liked.

Although it’s pretty disgusting, we can’t help but think how healthy her hair must have been if she wasn’t constantly applying products.