South Dublin Mansion Converted Into Irish ‘Hype House’ For TikTok Stars

'The Goat House' will be home to 10 Irish creators for the next two months.



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Some of Ireland’s leading TikTok stars have joined forces to create “The Goat House”. Following the same model as the uber popular “Hype House” and “Sway House” in Los Angeles, these houses see popular content creators on the viral video app joining forces and living together to create videos and lift their profiles.

Started by Thomas Arnold and Jake Browne, the South Dublin mansion will be home to 10 influencers (including the founders), who together, have a total of eight million followers on TikTok.

As seen in the United States, these content houses can be the key to success for many upcoming online stars, helping them grow a young fanbase, especially among Gen-Zers who dominate the app and sell merchandise, which appears to be what they all constantly flog on their channels.


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Some of TikTok’s biggest stars at the moment including Bryce Hall, Lil Huddy and The Lopez Brothers are all part of creator houses, plus TikTok’s leading star, Charli D’Amelio (with over 80 million followers) once started off in the Hype House herself.


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So, who is in the Irish Goat House?

Currently, since launching this week, the members appear to be founders Thomas Arnold and Jake Browne, TikTok couple duo Andrea and Lewis, Dara Tah, plus “Shauna The Sheep”, Lauren Whelan, Nia Gallagher, Lelia Ecker and Ryan Mar.

Sharing some images of the new Goat House, Ryan Mar explained that he was excited to announce he had joined “the first ever Irish creator house”.

While Nia Gallagher explained that she’s “excited to see where it takes us” in response to the launch of the house.


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You can follow The Goat House on TikTok here.


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