Stacy Solomon Proves She’s Queen Of Lockdown With These DIY Tips

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Superstar mammy Stacey Solomon is the ray of sunshine we desperately need on our our Instagram feeds during quarantine. Her ‘tap to tidy’ stories are so satisfying and tbh, they have us all motivated to clean up – just for the before and after pics (but cleaning is cleaning right?).

From fun food to storage and self-care essentials, we’ve put together our top five DIY creatives that we’ve learned from Stacey, adding a fun and personal touch to everyday tasks.

1. Fun with food

It’s not always easy to get the little ones to eat what they should be eating, but Stacey has come up with a lot of clever ways to make food exciting for kids (and parents). Her stories provide followers with a fun and creative art piece every morning as she shapes her children’s breakfasts into animal shaped sculptures. So cute they are almost too good to be eaten, but it definitely makes it appetising for the kiddos. All these can be found in her ‘Fun Food’ Instagram highlight.

2. McDonalds at home

Takeaway at home is the best quarantine treat, these home-made ‘McDonald’s’ cases are definitely going to be a hit with the children in the house, and even for the adults who missed their Big Mac fix. Made from envelopes and paper! The full tutorial is in her ‘Make ups’ Instagram highlight. Really creative for a fun dinner time.

3. Stylish storage

Stacey is queen of storage and organisation and always finds a way to make use of everyday items. This cute idea for upcycling tin cans is adorable and could add a nice aesthetic to stationary or makeup brush stations. Using a roll of twine an old wool cardigan and some bean tins you could have some fabulous holders!

4. DIY candle holders

Anyone who follows Stacey knows that she adores a bit of self-care in the bath, who doesn’t? And what better way to set the relaxation mood than with some creative candles? This fab ones are super easy to make, can be seen on her ‘Make ups’ Instagram story and just used a glass bottle, water, stones and fake leaves and a candle stick to create these luxurious looking candle holders, who’d know you made them yourself!?

5. Decorative letter

These fab pieces are all over Instagram, but what if you could make your own? Stacey has proven that anything can be made at home with her impressive ‘S’ decoration for her dressing room.

After printing out the letter S in large bubble writing, she cut out a cardboard in the shape of it and then lined the letter with a cereal box cut to 4cm strips. She then spray painted the S shape and cut some fake flowers to fit inside. Using a hot glue gun to hold them in place she was left with a gorge personalised room decoration! We want one! Full tutorial on her Instagram highlights.

Words by Jade Carpenter

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