STELLAR Fitness Files With Paralympic Swimmer Ellen Keane

We get the dish on what our faves eat in a day!

Ellen is a Paralympic swimmer and ambassador for Dove Advanced Care deodorant. 

What is your go-to breakfast?

During the week, my go to is a smoothie. I put all the good stuff in a blender and drink it quickly. When I have time on the weekend I love to make pancakes.

What do you usually have for lunch and dinner?

I do love to cook but at the moment recovery is the most important part of my training so I don’t want to have to think and stress about what I’m eating. For that reason, I currently use a meal delivery service to organise all of my lunches and dinners so all I have to do is get home pop it in the microwave and it’s ready to go.

What 5 items do you always put in your shopping basket?

Soya milk, oats, bananas, apple juice, and chocolate and always a Dove deo!

What are your favourite snacks?

These days, I love popcorn and protein bars. But also, I do love a little bit of chocolate in the evening time.

What are the most used items on your spice/herb rack?

Cinnamon is probably the most used item for me. I hate spicy food so I tend to stay away from spice!

What is your desert island dish?

A chicken katsu curry from Wagamama’s never fails.

Would you call yourself a foodie?

Yes and no. I will always try something new but as I said I hate spice so I can be quite annoying for people who like spicy food!

How do you get motivated when it comes to fitness?

I love training. I love the headspace it gives you away from technology. It’s a place where I do a lot of thinking as you’re forced to be inside your head. I also really enjoy being able to walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath!

Describe your ideal workout?

I love race pace sessions. So, anything fast and I’m happy.

What is your #1 self-care be tip?

Self-care means self-love. So, you have to love all of you. Any of your insecurities should be loved too, like your underarms. That’s why I love using the new Dove Advanced Care deodorant range. I’m currently using their deodorant with added vitamin E which helps with soothing skin after shaving.


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