STELLAR’s Love Island Power Ranking: Week 2

Hurricane Maura has HIT.

Looking back on last week’s Love Island power ranking, we almost have to laugh. So much can happen in seven days, eh?

This week has seen the entrance of Mollie-Mae, Danny, Elma and Maura, as well as the exits of Callum and Sherif (for reasons as yet unknown). With the chess pieces now moved all over the place, who’s ripe for a dumping?


Watch out lads, Hurricane Maura is in town. The Longford woman has caused absolute mayhem since her arrival on Thursday night, and she’s happily sitting back and watching it all burn. She’s a bitch and she LOVES IT.

Through unabashed flirting (“Do you want me?”) and ice-cool confidence, she’s got the villa in the palm of her hand. To paraphrase RuPaul, we can’t WAIT to see how this turns out.


Ah god, remember when Tommy was mad for Lucie? Remember when he told Mollie-Mae his head wouldn’t turn for everyone else? We begin to suspect he was lying. His head turned so fast for Maura (“560 degrees”, he claims) that he probably needs a neck brace for whiplash. But it looks like she’s dead set on having him, so he has nothing to worry about.


Danny and Michael are both in a similar position at the moment – free agents of the villa with their eyes on particular gals. It’s looking like Michael and Amber are going to patch things up after their scrap last night and couple up for real, but what of Danny?

He and Yewande have hit it off, but the arrival of the two new girls may throw a spanner into the works. Will he choose to continue getting to know our girl Yewande, or pivot to Elma? Anything can happen in 24 hours.


We’re loving Amber more and more by the day. It’s clear the men of the Island both fear and respect her, which is goals, and the girls all want her on side. Her telling Anton off for being clueless? Legendary.

It’s endearing to see that beneath the straight-shooting exterior, she still gets nervous around a guy she fancies. We are rooting for her and Michael.

Curtis and Amy

These two are happy out, making things ‘exclusive but not official’ this week in the world’s most confusing chat.

HOWEVER. We sense that things won’t stay rosy for too long. Amy is obviously having a lot of feelings, given that this is her first ever relationship, and we’re not sure Curtis either a) understands that or b) has the patience for it. Sorry to be party poopers, but it’s just how we FEEL.


We’re only placing Yewande so low because, as it’s likely that the person to be dumped from the island this week will be a girl, she’s potentially in danger. She doesn’t have things locked down with Danny yet, though it’s been nice to see her come out of her shell and even get a little sassy:

Glam it up and graft as hard as you can, Yewande! We believe in you.


Poor Elma. She barely got a look in with all of Maura’s pouting and posing and sex-eyes-ing. She seems like a perfectly nice woman! Hard to really say anything else! But her newness is a novelty, certainly to Anton, so she’ll probably be snapped up.

Joe and Lucie

Jucie also made things semi-official this week, then were promptly never seen again. They’ll be fine as long as they stick together, and considering they’ve not done anything but that, there’s nothing to worry about.

While Amy was out of line for accusing them of stealing her and Curtis’ thunder, we couldn’t help but feel sad to see her realise Lucie wasn’t as much of a friend as she thought. Lucie needed Amy for advice on her Joe/Tommy triangle, but now she’s happily coupled up with Joe, she’s done. Granted, it isn’t Friendship Island, but that’s cold.


Mollie-Mae thought she owned the villa. Then Maura came in, took her man AND her jacket, and showed her she was extremely wrong. Her subsequent meltdown proved she was more concerned with keeping her place on the show than keeping Tommy, and the rest of the Islanders don’t seem to buy that she has any real feelings for him.

She could try to graft Danny or Anton, but… would they want to get involved now they’ve seen her true colours? We shall see.


Anton, mate. He just tries so HARD and he doesn’t GET IT. He deserved every single bit of the telling off Amber gave him for informing Anna that while Mollie-Mae is his type, he’d still pick her if it doesn’t work out. Truly, he has the emotional range of a teaspoon (but we kind of love him all the same? Love Island, you’re confusing us).

Anton realising he’s not that good at talking to girls

Despite this, he now has three girls who might need him to stay in the villa – Mollie, Anna, and Elma. While he says he fancies Mollie, he also doesn’t seem to appreciate her game-playing, informing her last night mid-meltdown that she’s “made her bed, now she has to lie in it”. Meow.

Just personally, it seems like Anna can’t stand him, so if he was wise he’d get to know Elma a bit more.


Honestly, you have to feel sorry for Anna. She and Sherif were just starting to warm up to each other, then he went and got himself mysteriously kicked out. She’s clearly not having Anton, and we’ve never seen her speak a word to Danny, so unfortunately her time on the island might just be up. Pour some out 🙁


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