Stop The Press! Irish Lads Are Way More Romantic Than We Give Them Credit For

And here's the proof.

Irish guys at a bar

When it comes to grand romantic gestures and expressing their true feelings, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Irish guys aren’t as amorous, as say, their French or Italian counterparts.

I myself have had my fair share of nasty run ins with Irish guys, from commitment phobes to ghosters, but if you’re slowly losing your faith in the enigma that is the Irish fella, you maybe shouldn’t write him off just yet.

Why so? Well, there’s proof that Irish guys might just be a whole lot more big-hearted than we give them credit for.

First up, in a recent study by dating site they found that 15% of Irish guys admitted they would say ‘I love You’ after (wait for it) just one week, compared to 2% of girls who said the same thing.

Pretty gushy, huh? But it gets better. In another study, 61% of guys ‘fessed that they believe in ‘The One’, while nearly 50% said they also believe in love at first sight too.

Still not convinced? Just this week, County Louth-born man Pierce Brosnan posted a super-cute throwback pic of himself gazing lovingly at his wife Keely, captioned ‘My love’, while back in March he told The Independent, “She has this strength that I wouldn’t be able to live without. When Keely looks at me, I go weak.”

Cute, right? Somehow our expectations for Valentine’s Day just went way up!


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