Stop Trying To Make ‘Skourt’ Happen – A Recap On KUWTK’s Final Season – Episode 3

We're back with our weekly deep dive into the latest episode of KUWTK.

The weather is sunny, it’s a long weekend and there’s a brand new episode of KUWTK to watch. An absolutely stunning state of affairs we have to say.

We’re doing a weekly deep dive into every episode of the final season and today we’re on episode three.

Called ‘Winners Take All’ there are three story arcs to this one and with so much of this episode outside in the Malibu sunshine, its making us desperate for a holiday.


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Kardashians versus Jenners

This episode sees the sisters battling it out to find out who is more athletic, and it’s super entertaining.

After Khloe challenges Kendall and her ‘spider arms’ to an arm wrestle (and loses) Kim takes her on next, and of course, wins. This gets the sisters chatting about which side of the fam are more athletic.

Kendall is obviously tall and slim and has an actual Olympian for a father, but the Kardashian gals seriously work out. As Kim says herself in the confessionals; “Kardashians work out like beasts.”

The arm wrestle leads to a competitive game of volleyball until by the end of the episode we have a full on Spartan style obstacle course for the ultimate Kardashian v Jenner showdown. Kylie flakes due to a ‘sinus infection’ (those are Kim’s quotations marks, not ours) and Kim’s dodgy knee means it’s just Kendall versus Kourtney and Khloe.

The girls give it their best shot, but Kendall and her epic long legs take the win in the end.


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Kris and Corey are obsessed with each other 

Other moments of note are a surprise appearance from Rob Kardashian, only for about 10 seconds but he’s still there however briefly, and Kris and Corey trialling celibacy for Kourtney’s website, Poosh.

Although if she was our mother we would be seriously cringe, we adore how obsessed Corey and Kris are, they literally can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.

Highlight of the episode is Kris trying to bat Corey away as she calls him “horny as f**k.” Can’t cope.


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Stop trying to make Skourt happen

The final story arc of this episode we could 100% have done without TBH. Once again the sisters begin to question if Scott and Kourtney are just friends or something more.

Kourtney is enjoying having some time alone in the peace and quiet of the Malibu house to work on her website, Poosh (which turned two this week) before she hears someone downstairs.

Surprise, surprise it’s none other than Scott who has dropped the kids off to their grandparents and claims he didn’t know Kourt was there. A likely story.

Realising they’re alone he jokes; “its like the world is bringing us together” before asking her if she wants to watch a movie. We are totally here for them relaxing and chilling together as co-parents and getting along but when Kim spots them asleep on the sofa she immediately thinks they’re hooking up.


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Kim, Khloe and Kendall set up a ‘parent trap’ style date night, inviting Kourt and Scott to a ‘family dinner’ before they soon realise they’re actually all alone with rose petals and candles everywhere. The dinner is Swiss themed (apparently Kourtney is obsessed with Switzerland now?) and they both seem pretty unimpressed at the sisters attempts to get a romantic night going.

TBH we’re so, so over this storyline of the family trying to get these two back together. We’re tired, they’re tired, this story is tired, stop trying to make Skourt happen!

The only good bit about this entire story arc is Scott telling Kourtney she’s ‘an incredible woman.’ Totally deadpan she replies, ‘I know.”

Iconic. This is the energy we are manifesting for the rest of 2021.


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