#StopTheShame: What Is It, How To Get Involved & What We’re Doing

Stellar's launching an anti-body shaming campaign for summer and we want YOU to get involved, for a very important reason.


What is #StopTheShame?

This summer, we’ve decided we’ve had enough of the sort of body shaming bullies who leave mean, snarky comments on the IG pics of people like Tess Holliday, comment relentlessly on Khloe Kardashian and think it’s a-okay to tell Pippa O’Connor to eat a burger.

We don’t think we should have to stop putting pictures on our social feeds because of someone else’s narrow-minded views. We’d like to celebrate the differences we all have – after all, none of us is perfect – and aim to promote a happier space online.

Sure, we know we’re never going to stop all the mean comments, but if we do feel like sharing a picture of our hotdogs-or-legs from our beach vacay or a #selfie of our rad new make-up, then the aim of #StopTheShame is to promote a bigger sense of all-round self-confidence in our lives.

We’re hoping that if we’re feeling better about our mates, family, career and our general day-to-day deadliness, it’ll be way easier to not mind if someone says something negative. After all, happy people don’t spend their day snarking on other people’s IGs, do they? Eh, no.

What we’re doing

We made a little video to explain what some of team STELLAR are doing to embrace #StopTheShame this summer season. Will you be joining us? We’d love it if would.

How you can get involved

You can pick up a copy of STELLAR’s July issue to read our full #StopTheShame feature, where we talk to Harriet Parsons, the services co-ordinator and a psychotherapist with Bodywhys, The Eating Disorders Association of Ireland.

You can read Harriet’s advice on the key to building confidence and you can embrace #StopTheShame by getting our .png badge (or right click to save it below) to use on your social snaps, blog or website, to show your support. Mostly though, you can carry on being your deadly self and never stop posting what you want to post – and to heck with the bullies.


What you can expect to see

  • We’re highlighting the issue with this piece showcasing the abuse 10 celebrities have gotten over their bodies, and the responses they’ve gotten.
  • Plus, we want to showcase your pictures and tweets – so don’t be shy. Hashtag #StopTheShame and don’t forget to @stellarmagazine on Twitter and Instagram – we’ll be sharing your content on our website and social channels this summer.
  • If you have an idea for #StopTheShame, we’d love to hear it – drop us an info@stellar.ie, we’d love to hear from you.