Stormzy Told Kids That Reading And Learning Is ‘Gangster’ At A School Visit And He’s Not Wrong

*Nods head approvingly*

The “Stormzy effect” has took over mainstream media quicker than you can say ‘shut up’, and we’re not mad about it.

From his politically charged Glastonbury performance, to his most recent interview where he spoke out about the racism against Meghan Markle.

When Stormzy speaks, people listen. So when we learned that he recently encouraged young children to do well in school, well, we were only delighted.

A breath of fresh air from the usual ‘bad boy/no shits given’ chart holders we’re so accustomed to seeing, a video has recently emerged of when the rapper visited a school in Norwood, South London, where he gave an important lesson on education.

Addressing the group of children he told them that reading and learning is the most ‘gangster’ thing they could ever do.

He said:

“I always find it important for me to use my voice to let you know that, as much as people think that rappers and footballers and celebrities, and all of that stuff is a sick thing to do, trust me: learning, education and reading is a much more powerful and beneficial thing.”

I mean… is Stormzy actively trying to make us have his babies? Because he’s sure going the right way about it.

He also added:

“This coming from someone who’s been an academic and been a rapper and I just need to let you guys know about the importance of books and reading and studying.”

Concluding his talk he said:

“I promise you there’s nothing more gangster, there’s nothing more G’d up than being a well-read, well-educated young person.”


Stormzy’s own love of books is clear as he has recently teamed up with penguin books to form #MerkyBooks, a movement dedicated to publishing new fiction, non-fiction and poetry books, giving a home for a ‘new generation of voices’.


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