Suzanne Jackson Got The Sweetest Surprise This Valentine’s

Now THAT'S a Valentine's Day gift!

What would Valentine’s day be without a treat? Well, Suzanne Jackson nearly found out as her and hubby Dylan O’Connor swore off gifts for this year’s celebration. Or, at least Suzanne thought they had, but that didn’t stop Dylan from treating her to the best surprise.

Suzanne showed off Dylan’s absolutely amazing Valentine’s day gifts in videos posted to her IG Story. Walking into the house, she saw something at the bottom of the hallway, only to discover it was a big, beautiful bouquet of red roses and a host of gifts from Louis Vuitton.

Playfully berating Dylan, she explained, “Dyl, oh my god, I told you not, no presents!”

Suzanne gave us a sneak peek at one of the pressies, a stunning mini Louis Vuitton rounded bag, in their classic colour scheme. The Petite Boite Chapeau comes in at €3,8000.

She went on to reveal a little bit more about her present, explaining that the roses were very special. Dylan, who buys her flowers regularly, said that the red roses had been flown in from Colombia, especially for Valentine’s.

Valentine’s day isn’t the only thing Suzanne has to celebrate, as she recently wrapped up filming on the latest series of Style Counsellors. The show is a big success and has already made it three seasons.

To commemorate wrapping up work on the show, Suzanne took to IG, writing, “And that’s a wrap from me and The Style Counsellors team! 🎞 🎬Three seasons under the belt, and I’ve enjoyed filming every single one. Massive thanks to everyone involved, and to you guys, the viewers at home, we hope you loved it!!

And of course, I can’t finish this post without taking my hat off to to the special women and men (😉) we’ve helped along the way, you are so worth it, and never forget it! Lots of love Sue x #tsc #stylecounsellors #overandout.”

Words by Sláine McKenna

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