Tanning Before Bed? Mrs Hinch Shares Hack For Keeping Your Bed Sheets Clean

Keep your white sheets looking WHITE with this genius little trick.

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There’s nothing worse then waking up the morning after applying a fresh layer (or two, or three) of tan to find out your bedding looks as equally bronzed as you do.

Not only does it leave an unwelcoming human sized brown stain on your bed, but it also leads to more washing and tbh, nobody has the time to be cleaning, drying and dressing their beds everyday. Like, leave it off!

Thankfully, with this nifty little trick from Mrs Hinch, we don’t have to be reading the fine print of our favourite tans, looking for which brands are really non-transferrable and which aren’t; nope, instead we’re just going to be using this handy hack.

According to the cleaning guru, if you also find your sheets are forever stained with tan, the next time you’re tanning before bed, get inside an old duvet sheet before hoping into your bed and nice fancy sheets.


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“Once you’ve fake tanned, you get an old bed sheet, and you sleep in it. As mad as it sounds, you get into bed and sleep in [the sheet] as normal, and it stops any fake tan getting on your bed sheets,” explains Mrs Hinch.

Explaining that she bought a cheap as chips duvet sheet especially for tanning, Mrs Hinch is making sure she keeps her bedding clean on Tanning Thursday so she can then sleep easy the rest of the week.


We’ll be putting this tip to work next time we’re applying a fresh layer.


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