Taylor Swift Gave $55 Million In Bonuses To Her Crew On The Eras Tour

A generous queen!

via Instagram/Taylor Swift

As if we couldn’t love Taylor any more, it turns out that her generosity knows no bounds. I mean, are we surprised?

The pop star has been making headlines non stop thanks to her Eras Tour, which is breaking not only records but hearts all over Ireland, as the scramble to get tickets left unsuccessful people devastated.


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Those who were lucky enough to secure a ticket, though, will be safe in the knowledge that her crew are being well looked after – as the musician reportedly gave $55 million in bonuses to her team. Fifty. Five. Million. Dollars!

Dancers, riggers, sound technicians, caterers and a number of production staff were all blessed with a healthy add on to their pay slip from Taylor herself. Truck drivers alone received an extra $100,000 each for their services, which adds up to five million of the total add ons gifted to the crew.

It’s a good day to work for Tay!


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The generous gift comes as Taylor prepares to wrap up her tour in the States.

She’ll be finishing in California, where SoFi stadium is sold out for all six nights. For reference, the stadium has 70,24o seats. So yeah, the Cruel Summer singer is doing pretty well!

So far, reports suggest that Taylor’s tour has racked up $300m, and she has a lot more to go.

We’ll be keeping a close eye out for any crew positions popping up!