Taylor Swift Is Back With Her Easter Eggs – Fans Think A 1989 Announcement Is On Its Way!

Taylor has us going a little delulu…. again!

It’s only been a few weeks since Taylor Swift dropped her latest re-record, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), but it seems she has put the era to bed making Swifties go wild at the prospect of another re-record on the horizon.

For those of you that haven’t heard, Taylor set out back in 2021 to re-record her first six albums after her original record label, Big Machine Records, sold the master recordings of every one of her songs to Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun. Meaning Scooter would get money from Tay-Tay’s music every time it was streamed on Apple Music or Spotify or bought on CD.

We got to hear the magic that was Fearless (Taylor’s Version) – her first re-record – back in April 2021. Fearless was the pop icon’s second album and the one that shot her from country to mainstream artist in the blink of an eye. It features some of her biggest hits including Love Story and You Belong With Me. Along with the re-recorded albums Taylor has been releasing a number of brand new tracks that never made it to the original albums which she is calling ‘vault tracks’.


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Taylor has re-released three albums so far Fearless (Taylor’s Version), Red (Taylor’s Version) and Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). Since their release each album has gone on to outsell it’s original with Red earning 3.32 million equivalent album units compared to 390,000 from the original album. This Was The Moment I Knew, Taylor is the queen we always knew she was!

The re-release of Speak Now was so highly anticipated by fans and critics alike that it had the biggest streaming debut of a country album ever – we couldn’t believe it either! With its success many fans expected the era to last a bit longer but it seems Ms. Swift changed her Instagram graphics back to the Midnights branding earlier this week. Let us delusional Swifties bask in the possibility of a new era getting closer – afterall Taylor doesn’t leave easter eggs for nothing!


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Back in 2021 when Taylor released her first re-record, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), the popstar didn’t wait around as Red (Taylor’s Version) was released just a few months later. We also have some proof of the possibility of the re-record coming soon – you didn’t expect us not to have receipts did you? We all know Taylor loves to leave little hints in everything she does – nothing is coincidental with this woman – so when the music video for Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) vault track, I Can See You was released, fans rushed to get a glimpse at it to try and spot some clues, and well there was quite a few to pick from.

At the very end of the video, the van Taylor and the band of thieves are in, is seen driving over a bridge. A fairly innocent looking end to the story to non-fans, but we know to read between the lines when it comes to Ms. Swift. A fan theory suggests the gang of thieves are on their way to break out another album from the vault, and bring in a new era. On top of that, the road sign is seen with the number 1989 next to the initials ‘tv’ – a big hint towards the next Taylor’s Version (TV) project. With the layout of the numbers many believe the album could be coming out on September 1. Crazy isn’t it!

But the fans’ excitement quadrupled when it was spotted that Taylor had trademarked 1989 (Taylor’s Version). It was revealed yesterday that Selena Gomez’s brand Rare Beauty had invited a number of influencers to the Eras Tour on the 3rd August, – the final weekend of the tour – leading many to believe there will be an announcement, and even a possible Seylor collab.

Are we delusional maybe, but everything Taylor does is for a reason

All we can do is wait and see!