10 Things Worth Watching On Netflix This Weekend

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We did it, we’ve managed to get through another week during these unprecedented times, so what better way to celebrate than a Netflix binge of all the must-watch series and movies this weekend.

I mean, there’s little else to be doing these days anyways.

Saving you the hassle of picking something, we’ve rounded up some prime shows to get stuck into this weekend.

1. Disclosure

With it being Pride month, there is no better time to dive into this new Netflix documentary. Added to Netflix today (19th June), this documentary sees leading trans creatives and thinkers share heartfelt perspectives and analysis about Hollywood’s impact on the trans community. It features interviews with features interviews with MJ Rodriguez, Jamie Clayton, Jen Richards, Lilly Wachowski, Yance Ford.

2. Coronavirus Explained

As we all know the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world within a matter of weeks, changing everything. This new Netflix series looks at the coronavirus pandemic, the efforts that have been made to combat it and ways to manage its mental health toll.

3. The Politician S2

Season two of The Politician drops this Friday (19th June) and we are living for it. Since he was 7 years old Payton Hobart has known he was going to be the president of the United States. Back for a second season, we continue following his story through high school. This comedy-drama will be perfect to occupy your summer evenings and with a cast including Ben Platt and Gwyneth Paltrow what else would you need?

4. The Sinner S3

New episodes of The Sinner drop today (19th June) and we can’t contain our excitement. The Sinner follows the life of a detective who is trying to not only solve crimes in a New York City town but also do so while dealing with his own troubles.

5. The Karate Kid

Take a trip down memory lane by watching this iconic film from 1984. Only added to Netflix this week it is the perfect escape to indulge in this weekend.

6. The Woods

The Woods is the latest from the creator of the mystery thrillers The Stranger and Safe. If you loved those you’ll love this new series as it surrounds the disappearance of four teenagers.

7. Hereditary

Hereditary was another huge film which was added to Netflix this week. The supernatural horror film which came out in 2018 follows a families unwanted discovery of the fate they have inherited after the passing of their mother.

8. 13th

On Tuesday of this week (16th June) Netflix UK & Ireland tweeted that ‘In the last 3 weeks, millions of members (a 4,665% increase vs. 3 wks prior) have sought out 13TH, Ava DuVernay’s essential doc about the intersection of race, justice, and mass incarceration in the US.’ The Black Lives Matter movement and topics such as white privilege are things we should be constantly trying to educate ourselves on and if you haven’t already seen this documentary, we highly recommend you watch it. 13th explores the history of racial inequality in the United States, focusing on the fact that the nation’s prisons are disproportionately filled with African-Americans. It shows what racism has done over the years, starting in the 1800s, and how it’s still being implemented in society today.

9. Shameless (UK) S1-11

All eleven seasons of Shameless are now on Netflix. The dark humoured series set in Manchester on the (fictional) Chatsworth council estate. Centred around the British working class and running from 2004 to 2013 the show has a huge 11 seasons. If you’re looking for something to binge watch then this could be the one for you.

10. Roll Red Roll

This Netflix documentary surrounds the 2012 Stuebenville Ohio Rape Case. Dropping earlier this week, this compelling documentary is definitely one to add to your must watch list as it puts American high school football culture under the magnifying glass.

Words by STELLAR Intern – Nicky Anderson