A Movie About Harry And Meghan ‘Escaping The Palace’ Is Coming Real Soon

The trailer looks bonkers, but we're also somehow hooked?

It might not be Lifetime’s first rodeo making a movie all about the royal duo, but they’ve sure got a lot to catch up on since their first 2018 flick titled “Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance” aired on the network.

In the teaser trailer for the new flick, featuring a totally new cast, Harry & Meghan: Escaping The Palace is set to follow the pair’s historic and controversial exit from the palace and life as senior royals – dubbed “Megxit” as well as their dramatic tell-all Oprah interview and new life in California.

As you can imagine, this real life story is catnip for Lifetime who funnily enough follow the same style when plotting their own flicks. We have the man, hopeless in love, willing to give up everything for the woman of his dreams, while the woman, struggling to find her place with her in-laws has to make the heartbreaking decision alongside her husband to either flee for a better life or stay in misery?

Yep, it’s no surprise that Lifetime hopped at the chance.


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So, who stars in the flick?

To give credit where credit is due, the two leading stars make for a *pretty* good Harry and Meghan, with Lifetime casting stage star Jordan Dean and actress/blogger Sydney Morton in the roles.

To take a trip down memory lane and remind you of the first Harry and Meghan Lifetime flick, which will without doubt make this one seem streets ahead of the first, here’s a friendly reminder of the trailer we were presented with for the 2018 movie.

Brace yourselves and please, take note of the Peter Pan line… I know.

We wait in anticipation.


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