Big Brother’s Henry And Jordan Appear To Have Made It Official

Be still, my beating heart


Screaming, crying, throwing up (in delight).

It appears as though Big Brother’s Henry Southan and Jordan Sangha have made their relationship official – and no, we are not able for how adorable either.

Jordan, who won the show a few weeks back, shared an update on his Instagram Stories at 1.30am on Sunday night, announcing that the term “bf might now be applicable” and that he “cannot stop smiling.”

These two, honestly.

The news came after the pair indulged in a night out at Gordon Ramsey’s Lucky Cat restaurant on Sunday, and apparently checked into a hotel together a few nights previous.

Upon leaving the house, Jordan said that his and Henry’s relationship was “platonic with kisses,” which seemingly isn’t the case at all now, but sure look, what can you do?

He said: “Henry and I made a promise that whoever wins, we would go to a five-star hotel or somewhere decent… with a twin room. We won’t be sleeping in the beds!

“I need to read up on platonic love… I need to research more into that.”

Henry himself said during his exit interview that the pair were busy planning a trip together – “It’s been amazing. I can’t imagine my experience in there without [Jordan]. He’s such a funny, dry person.

“We have a New York trip planned. We’re going to go to Florence. We’ve just got all these plans. It’s going to help us know going forward.”


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Henry and Jordan spent much of their final days in the Big Brother house kissing and being generally adorable in each other’s presence.

This closeness came after the pair were embroiled in somewhat of a love triangle with fellow housemate Matty, who has since claimed that Henry’s feelings are “not reciprocated.”

He told RadioTimes: “Their friendship is flowering into whatever it’s meant to be, [but] I don’t think Jordan feels the same way for Henry.

“I also think Jordan has been honest by telling Henry that he just used him as a platonic friend to kiss.”

Well, if last night’s Story is anything to go by, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Unless you can be “platonic boyfriends,” that is.