Getting In The Festive Spirit? Seven Of The Best TV Adverts So Far This Christmas

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, so we're focusing on things that are merry and bright.

Right, so usually we wouldn’t be discussing Christmas so early in the season, but during these unprecedented times, we believe all goes, and anything that brings happiness should be emphasised, elongated and celebrated.

Like Christmas!

We’ve seen celebs lead the way by showcasing their lit Christmas trees on Instagram, giving us inspiration to do the same and so, as the Christmas adverts roll in, we’re sharing our favourites right here in no particular order.

As more come in, we’ll be sure to update the list, adding the ones that I’m sure, will pull at our heart strings, SuperValu, we’re looking at you.

So, let’s kick it off, shall we? 

7. John Lewis 

As you might have spotted, the John Lewis Christmas advert dropped on Friday morning.

The advert this year is all about passing on love. After an extremely tough year, that saw us all tested in different measures, John Lewis are highlighting the simple act of kindness.

A little effort can go a long way.

6. SuperValu 

I think there wasn’t a dry eye left after SuperValu dropped this Christmas trailer earlier in the week. Focusing on Christmas in lockdown, we meet a little boy named Conor, who asks his mom if Santa will still call this year given the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Delighted to hear Santa is still coming, Conor is surprised by his grandad, showcasing the want and hopes families have to be together this Christmas.

5. Aldi

Kevin the carrot is back and with the help of a hedgehog and dear ol’ Santa Claus, is making his way home to be with his family for Christmas. A sweet little story with an equally cute nod to ET, we are big fans of Kevin and his adorable carrot fam here at STELLAR HQ.

4. Disney

Disney always find a way to beautifully tug at our emotions and their 2020 Christmas advert is no different. Explaining that no matter what changes and how families grow up, it’s the beauty of traditions that keeps us young.

Pass the tissues.

3. Coca-Cola 

The Christmas trucks might not be in action this year, but Coca-Cola is still pulling out all the stops with its Christmas adverts. Directed by Oscar-winning JoJo Rabbit filmmaker Taika Waititi, the Coca-Cola Christmas ad is like a short, emotional blockbuster.

Following a father on a mission to deliver his daughter’s letter to Santa Claus, the ad centres around love and how one little girl just wants her father at home and not working for the holidays.

2. Argos 

An ad that’s certainly more upbeat, Argos’ Christmas advert centres around two girls who turn into magicians, putting on a spectacle for their whole family. Featuring nods to the brand and lots of razzmatazz, this advert is simple and wonderful.

Pass the mince pies.

1. TK Maxx 

When you know something is being narrated by Bill Nighy, you know it’s going to be good. This year, TK Maxx has pulled out all the stops with its Christmas advert offering featuring “Lil’ Goat”, highlighting the fact that everyone deserves to feel special and look good this Christmas. Lil’ Goat is strutting off her new clothing, while spending time with those she loves.

Again, dotey.


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