Good News Emily In Paris Fans, Season 3 Just Confirmed An Exciting Character Return

Oui oui, monsieur!


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By now, I’m sure you’ve delightfully binged your way through both season one and season two of Emily in Paris. First landing on our screens in 2020, the show has been a pandemic delight, showing us the beautiful sights of France while we’ve been sitting patiently at home but now, season three is on the way and restrictions are a thing of the past. Will we watch the season in Paris? The world is our oyster.

In the second season of the show, it was a toss up between who was winning our hearts more, the gorgeous French Gabriel, or the cheeky English Alfie. But we weren’t the only ones stuck in love limbo, as Lily Collins character Emily was having the same problems, turing her friendship with Alfie into a romance while still pinning over Gabriel.

In the season finale *spoiler alert* we saw Alfie return to London, while Gabriel got back with his ex and Emily’s former BFF Camille, leaving Emily single in Paris.


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But is all lost? Of course it’s not. As Lucien Laviscount just confirmed that his character Alfie is returning for season three and will be back in Paris. ALL IS NOT LOST, PEOPLE.

Lucien has confirmed that his character will return for season three as a season regular, but also gave us some insight into what he wants to see happen.

Speaking to E! he said:

“I think Emily needs someone that can just take her out of her bubble of working so hard.

“I think Alfie gives her a great gateway to just be free and open and just to explore herself for herself without having to worry about anyone else. She can just be herself with Alfie. So if Alfie is that guy for her long-term, who knows?”


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Eeeeeep, roll on season three. As for a release date, all we know for now is that production will begin this summer, so it’ll be no time before we’ve got it on our screens.


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