Hold On, Could We Be Getting More Gilmore Girls Episodes?

Make it happen, Amy

via Netflix

Were you happy with how Gilmore Girls ended?

Were you content with the Netflix reboot that saw Lorelai and Luke get married, Rory announce her pregnancy, and Taylor write a Stars Hollow musical, for some reason?

Well, if not, Gilmore Girls creator Amy-Sherman Palladino has said that she’s not completely against the idea of writing a few more episodes if the mood struck her.

“The thing about families is they never work their sh*t out,” she told Rolling Stone. “They are dysfunctional forever and because of that, it’s the best possible way to come up with stories because you will never solve your problems there.

“I really never liked the way Lane’s life shook out. I would have liked to have spent more time on her. I think it would be interesting to see a baby and a kid and what that next Gilmore Girl round would be.”

Make it happen, Amy. We’re listening.

via Netflix

Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelai in the series, also previously said that nothing has been set in stone, but that she would be more than happy to work with the team again.

“Everyone is doing their own thing,” she told TV Line. “I love that character so much and I love Amy. I will work with her any time.”

Gilmore Girls returned to Netflix back in 2016, and saw Rory, Lorelai, Luke, Emily, and the rest of them indulge in some family related hi-jinx, drink some coffee, and create yet another cliff-hanger for us to agonise over in the form of Rory’s pregnancy.

Since then, however, costume designer Valerie Campbell, who worked on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, has said that Logan Huntzberger is, in fact, the father of Rory’s baby.

Not entirely sure how she’d have that information, but hey, we’ll take it.

And a few more episodes while you’re at it.