Michael Moloney Will Appear On The Late Late Show Tonight

He's got some exciting news!


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Michael Moloney stole the hearts of many when he appeared on last year’s Late Late Toy Show. He performed Dermot Kennedy’s Giants and was joined by the singer himself as a surprise.

Now the 14-year-old is returning to the Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy with some exciting news.

Michael Moloney is set to release his first single on Friday, May 21st, which he’ll play on the show.

‘All That I Do’ is a beautiful tribute to his late father Emmett Moloney.

Emmet’s 4th anniversary is on May 23rd, and the track is written and inspired by him.

Speaking about the song, and his inspiration, Michael explains: “It was like a lightbulb moment, why don’t I write a song about my dad? This song was different from my other songs, I was writing about a real-life event that happened, and the lyrics embodied how I felt about my dad passing away.”

Michael wrote and recorded the song in Windmill Lane Recording Studios where he worked with Grammy Nominated producer, arranger and music composer Gavin Murphy ( who’s worked with people like Niall Horan and Kodaline).

“All my other songs had been written for the guitar, so I sat down at the piano for a while and came up with this chord progression, the melody and lyrics soon followed,” Michael explained.

The heartbreaking lyrics see Michael speak about grief and loss: “There’s thunder in the clouds, there’s a chill in the air/ I try my best to shed my despair/the fog blurs my view but you guide my way, and I know that you’re with me as I start each new day.”

Michael, who is 14, picked up the guitar when he was just 8 and now plays several instruments.

Speaking about his passion, he explained: “I guess I take my love of music from both sides not only my dad but my mums’ side also. My mum’s dad played the accordion and sang, and her granduncles on her mother’s side played fiddle and sang; all her brothers play instruments and sing too. My mum has music playing in every room of the house constantly thanks to Alexa…. so there’s always music going on, it’s great’

Speaking of his success, he said: “It was never a conscious decision to be a musician it just sort of evolved, but who knows what the future might bring I’m open to everything.”