Netflix Series Based On The Winx Club Is Coming And Some Of It Was Filmed In Ireland

People are describing it as 'Harry Potter meets Gossip Girl'... yep, we like the sound of that.

New Netflix series based on the Winx club is coming and it looks pretty magical.

Netflix has announced that they have a series in the works which is based on the cartoon series The Winx Club. The series will be live action and has been filming in Ireland with a cast from the UK, Ireland and America.

Irish actress Leah Minto from Dublin will play a character named Kat in the series. The main character of Bloom will be played by Abigail Cowen who you may recognise from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as Dorcas.


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The show is about a group of five female friends who attend a magical boarding school, so, Harry Potter vibes, but with a bit more high school drama and romance that we love to see. The show is produced by the same producer as the hit TV show, Vampire Diaries and so we are expecting great things and lots of drama.

It is not yet known when the show will premiere but it is expected in late 2020.

The first season has six episodes and we cannot wait to see how the characters are brought to life.

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Words: Jade Carpenter


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