PSA: A Dirty Dancing Sequel Is In The Works

We're not sure how we feel about this TBH.


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Some things are just best left as they are, iconic beauty formulas, pizza without strange toppings piled on (burgers on pizza springs to mind), and classic films – just like Dirty Dancing.

But it turns out Baby is coming out of the corner after 33 years, as a sequel to the original film. Jennifer Grey, who played the star in the original film, is coming back to star in the sequel. Although it’s not clear just yet exactly what her role will be, and the plot details haven’t been released.

But according to Jon Feltheimer, chief executive of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp, the film will be quite like the much-loved original. “It will be exactly the kind of romantic nostalgic movie that the franchise’s fans have been waiting for and that have made it the biggest-selling library title in the company’s history,” he said.


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This isn’t the very first Dirty Dancing remake of its sorts, with Havana Nights that was released in 2004, and a musical re-imagining that was released on tv in 2017. Jennifer Grey was originally asked to take part in the 2017 tv release, but turned it down. Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter at the time, she explained, “I was asked to do something on that show and I was flattered because I always want to be asked because it’s nice to want to be included.

“But for me, it would be sacrosanct for me to do it because it didn’t feel appropriate to me. It feels like if you’re going to do your own thing, do your own thing.” She added, “I wouldn’t say [what the role was] but I will tell you, it wasn’t Baby.”

Okay, I’m not totally sold, but you can 100% guarantee I’ll be watching – just like pretty much everyone else. Let’s just hope it’s the sequel that both we and Baby deserve, eh?


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