PSA – After Life Season Two Has Dropped On Netflix Today

A perfect binge watch for the weekend!

Ricky Gervais’ dark comedy After Life is back for a second series and we could not be more excited.

Dropping in full on Netflix today, After Life 2, similar to the first series will consist of six episodes, all of about 30 minutes long.

For those who haven’t seen the series yet, Netflix also has the first season of After Life still available on the streaming service, meaning you can watch both seasons back-t0-back, lucky you!

Speaking about what we can expect in season two, Ricky spoke about how fans of the show believed his character, Tony, was in a much better place at the end of season one, however, the story is far from over.

“People thought that he was better at the end of [Season] 1. Why? Because someone asked him out on a date and made him feel better for a minute?

“Is he over depression? Is he over his mental illness, his anxiety, his grief? No, he’s not. He’s just trying different ways to cope with it. It’s up and down, like life.”

With many of Ricky Gervais’ shows like The Office and Derek, they tend to last only two seasons, making fans believe that this could be our last installment of After Life.

However, Ricky noted that “for the first time ever” he’s actually tempted to continue the story.

“I don’t know about a series three. For the first time ever, I would do a series three, because the world’s so rich, I love the characters, I love all the actors in it, I love my character, I love the town, I love the themes… I love the dog!

“So I would do a third, but it’s got to be a real demanded-for encore. I’m not gonna just do it. ”

Well, there you have it. After Life season one and two are now available to stream on Netflix – yeow!


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