Stuck For Something To Watch? Here’s Our Top Netflix Weekend Picks

As staying in is the new going out, here's what we're watching this weekend!

It’s the beginning of October, the beginning of spooky szn and the beginning of the endless list of horror films and scary shows we’re planning to watch… all starting now.

Yes, it’s time.

And what’s even better is that Netflix is dropping all the Halloween bits and pieces now, so we can spend the next couple of weeks binge watching some classics and new releases.

Speaking of new releases, to start the list, we have to mention that The Haunting Of Bly Manor is out! Finally after a long anticipated wait, the second season following on from The Haunting Of Hill House is here and it drops this weekend, Friday October 9.

All 10 episodes will be available to stream, so you know what that means, yep, we’ll be pulling an all-nighter.

Also having dropped this week is Hubie Halloween, a Halloween “comedy-thriller” starring Adam Sandler and his production house, as well as Modern Family’s Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen).

Prepare for laughs, pranks and murder, as the whole movie is set around Halloween night in Salem; the perfect watch to help you build anticipation for spooky szn.

Also recently added to Netflix and trending as one of the must-watch series is Ratched.

From the creator of Glee, POSE and Hollywood, Ryan Murphy is back with some of his best work, creating a creepy horror series full of blood and gore.

Yep, it’s certainly not for the faint hearted.

And it’s also important to mention that Sarah Paulson stars as the lead and she’s incredible!

Moving from new bits to timeless bits, Halloween has also dropped on Netflix. A quintessential October watch, the 2018 movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer and Nick Castle is also available to watch on the streaming service now.

We’re going to be up (clap emoji) all (clap emoji) night.

Another Halloween movie that joined the gang at the end of summer isΒ Trick –Β a surprisingly good shout that slipped in unannounced.

Dropping in 2019 and Netflix in 2020, Trick is one to add to your Halloween list of gruesome watches (particularly the beginning of the movie – you’ve been warned).

And lastly, ending on an animated note, The Corpse Bride also joined Netflix at the beginning of this month. The wonderful Tim Burton and his 2005 movie is a great one for all ages, especially those who are old enough to do as they please, but would prefer to watch movies that won’t have them fearing for their lives *brackets* us.

You can now watch the Corpse Bride trailer here.

And there you have it, the beginning of our spooky roundups, which we will continue to do throughout October, giving you the best countdown list to Halloween.