The Best Reality TV Shows All About Dating To Binge This Weekend

Each as cringeworthy and addictive as the next.


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While we desperately wait for Love Island to return to our screens, we are dying for some romantic reality TV to keep us entertained.

There’s nothing better than watching the drama unfold from the safety of our couches, whether it’s Irish young ones on awkward dates, American beach babes being told they can’t kiss each other for two weeks, or twenty five Australian women dating one man at the same time…we want to see it all.

We’ve rounded up a selection of the best dating reality shows, from the sweet to the salacious, so indulge your guilty pleasure and start watching!

Too Hot To Handle – Netflix

Too Hot To Handle is scandalous, steamy, and kind of stupid – which, of course, is perfect Sunday evening viewing. A group of hot young singles land on an Island in preparation for a dating show where they can win money (seems standard) – but there’s a twist.

The contestants can’t have any sexual relations! If they do get intimate, they’ll lose money off their prize – from $3,000 for kissing up to $20,000 for sex. It’s full of drama, secrets and awkward confrontations, and it will have you hooked in no time. Watch it on Netflix now.


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Five Dates A Week – All 4

Previously called Five Guys A Week (presumably changed so they can play around with different genders and sexualities in new seasons), Five Dates A Week is a show where a woman has five men move into her house for a week and dates them all at once, sending one of the group home each night until she’s left with a potential boyfriend.

It’s chaotic and hilarious, and you can watch it for free on All 4 now!


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First Dates Ireland – RTE Player

The loveliest dating show around, First Dates Ireland does exactly what it says on the tin, matching couples based on their interests and qualities for blind first dates. At the end of each date, the pair must decide whether they’d like to see each other again.

It’s a recipe for gas interactions, mixed messages and heartwarming stories – the perfect easy watch. Enjoy it for free on RTE Player.


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The Bachelor Australia – All 4

The classic American Bachelor but set down under, The Bachelor Australia is drama central, chock-a-block with cringe-worthy content that’s so bad you can’t possibly look away. 25 ‘bachelorettes’ date one ‘eligible’ bachelor (we’ll let you be the judge of that) by going on group dates and praying that they don’t get voted off at the ‘rose’ ceremony, where girls who can stay get offered a rose.

This one is a total hate-watch, and you will love every awful minute of it. Watch for free on All 4 now!


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Are You The One? – Netflix

This one has an unusual premise, which makes it all the spicier. Eleven men and eleven women go into a beach house in Hawaii to find their perfect match, which has been predetermined by producers using a matchmaking algorithm.

In each episode, the contestants choose someone to couple up with who they believe to be their perfect match, and if they can all match up according to the algorithm, they’ll win 1 million dollars. As you can imagine, not every match is one made in heaven – and it’s a recipe for dramatics. Watch it now on Netflix.


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Celebs Go Dating – All 4

Based around a matchmaker’s office, this show sees single celebrities join an exclusive dating agency in a bid to find true love. They get paired with non-celebrity partners as the cameras capture every romantic and cringe filled moment – and the latter is definitely a more frequent occurrence.

The cast is chaotic, from Joey Essex and Wayne Lineker to Gemma Collins and Charlotte Crosby – and you can binge all ten seasons now on All 4!


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Words by STELLAR Intern Aoife CodyKane