The TV Show You Should Binge Next Based On Your Star Sign

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No matter what star sign you are, everyone needs some downtime to watch a bit of TV. Some signs prefer to stay in and devour a series in one night, while others save an episode for when they’re not out socialising. Recharging is key and having the right show to chill out with is essential.

We’ve done a deep dive into what you guys love (based on when your birthday lies) and chosen the best series for you to get stuck into next. Enjoy!

Aries, Libras and Capricorns – Outer Banks

All of these signs seem to love adventure so an action-filled series is perfect for you. Feel like you’re part of the gang with the Pogues in Outer Banks on Netflix.

This series has three seasons and there is never a dull moment in their lives, no seriously. Whether they are searching for treasure, rescuing someone, or in hiding, they are constantly surrounded by chaos. And we love it! Join John B and the Pogues on all of the wild adventures, perfect for thrill seekers like you guys but also featuring a good bit of romance which is always nice.


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Virgos and Taurus – The Kardashians

These signs are all about the luxury life and adore a lot of glamour! That is why we are recommending The Kardashians.

The famous family has been on our screens for years now and The Kardashians is just as glam, if not more glam than their previous show, KUWTK. The drone shots, the MET Gala prep, and just their day-to-day lives are nothing but spectacular, and very dramatic. If you have watched all of the episodes, do not worry because they have a new season coming out in May, plus a special episode focussing on Kourtney and Travis’ elaborate Portofino wedding available to watch now!


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If you need another one, Selling Sunset would also satisfy that need for glamour, especially for you Taurus! Mansions, money and fashion, what more could you want? Tune in on Netflix.

Scorpios and Cancers – Friends

These signs share similar interests when it comes to keeping their circle small. With this in mind, we recommend any show that follows a close friend group or family. Friends is a classic option here, for the time when your friends are your family! It needs no more explanation, a true icon, flick it on and unwind and laugh at the jokes that are never not funny.


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If you’re looking for something a little darker Scorpio, Wednesday on Netflix may scratch that itch. Perfect for the spooky gals and you Halloween babies, you’re welcome.


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Leo – Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna, is our recommendation here! Confidence and determination are key elements in this show, as well as with you Leo!

The show is based on the true story of Anna Delvey, the Insta-famous heiress who took what she could from the New York elites. So fascinating and very aesthetic, you Leos love a look at the life of luxury.


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Leo also loves a bit of drama, so why not take a glimpse into the lives of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? This is one of the best reality TV shows ever made, and you will feed off the drama! With 12 seasons to get through, and that’s just BH, you are sure to be occupied for quite a while.


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Gemini- Game Of Thrones

Geminis adore mixing with people and have a great sense of adventure, which means you need a show with lots of characters and lots of twists and turns, don’t get too comfortable sweetheart. Game Of Thrones is our pick for you, proceed with caution as it is violent, gory and full of twists, but we have a feeling you’ll get stuck right in.


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Aquarius – The Power

The Aquarius star signs can love a bit of sci-fi, why not delve into a series based in space or featuring a new world?

Give The Mandalorian on Disney + a try if you’re a star wars fan, or binge the first season of The Power on Amazon Prime, which features teenage girls who develop the ability to electrocute people, that sounds messy but very intriguing.


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Sagittarius – I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here

The Sagittarius star sign enjoys exploration and a challenge, so we are recommending I’m A Celebrity get me out of here or anything Bear Grills. Watch contestants, or Bear himself take on challenges we definitely don’t face on a regular basis, with the added element of the wild. Plus, seeing people eat bugs and drink their boiled urine, (we’re looking at you Bear) is oddly entertaining.

I’m A Celeb… South Africa has actually just started so you’re in luck if you need a new nightly show Sag!


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Pisces – The Summer I Turned Pretty 

Pieces love a comfort show that has a great chunk of romance,  so we think The Summer I Turned Pretty is perfect. This fun-loving show involves a few twists but has the backdrop of a stunning beach summer and teenage love, which is so pleasing to watch. The second season of the show is coming out this summer, so now is the perfect time to catch up or rewatch the first in preparation. We just have one question, are you team Conrad or team Jeremiah?


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