Twitter Is Mourning Jurgen’s Exit From This Week’s GBBO

He deserved a handshake, no lie.


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Over the past couple of weeks, everyone’s grown attached to this year’s Bake Off contestants – especially favourited to win Jurgen.

But alas, Tuesday night’s episode was Jurgen’s last as he left the tent – if that wasn’t painful enough, he was also the only one to not get a Paul Hollywood handshake.

In a Bake Off miracle, three out of the four contestants got handshakes in the same round, leaving Jurgen as the only one to not receive the prestigious honour from Paul. Even though Prue said, he deserved one.

Needless to say, fans were not happy with how Jurgen was treated and took to Twitter to express their hurt.

Now, Jurgen himself was actually much more mature about the situation than the rest of us. He took to social media to share the sweetest message, writing:

“Thank you so much for all your support! Sad as it is to leave the tent at this point I am immensely proud on what I have achieved TOGETHER with all the other bakers! We helped each other where we could, and just had the best timeever! Congratulations to #starbaker @crystellepereira and to @thelatebloomeruk and @giuseppecooks for being in the final. Well deserved! #GBBO #GBBO2021 ⁠#greatbritishbakeoff #happybaking”

This… this right here is just one more reason to love Jurgen.

Words by Sláine McKenna

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