Unfortunately, The Lizzie McGuire Reboot Is Definitely NOT Happening

It's the disappointment for me.


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Trust 2020 to deliver us one more knock before calling it a year, eh?

Announcing on Instagram last night, Hillary Duff confirmed that much to her sadness, the Lizzie McGuire reboot will not be going ahead despite greatest efforts.

“I know the efforts and conversations have been everywhere trying to make a reboot work but, sadly and despite everyone’s best efforts, it isn’t going to happen,” Hillary wrote on Instagram.

“I want any reboot of Lizzie to be honest and authentic to who Lizzie would be today. It’s what the character deserves. We can all take a moment to mourn the amazing woman she would have been and the adventures we would have taken with her.”


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A post shared by Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff)

Apparently, the reason behind Lizzie not going ahead is due to conflict with Disney. In order to truly “honour” the character, Hilary wanted to make Lizzie as authentic as she could to who she believes she would be as a 30-year-old.

However, it’s believed Disney wanted to keep the reboot PG, which Hilary and co believed wasn’t true to life, or a reflection of how the character would be navigating her adult life.

After filming two episodes, Disney put the show on pause after creator and showrunner Terri Minsky quit.

Releasing a statement at the time, Disney said that they needed to move the show in a “in a different creative direction” – so take from that what you will.

All we can say is that it’s a pity we won’t see Lizzie, Gordo and the rest of our noughties faves back on the screen, but hopefully a new year will bring some new opportunities.

Fingers crossed.


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