You Can Now Apply To Be On Love Is Blind So, What Are You Waiting For?

Single and ready to wed?

Love Is Blind had us hooked from the get-go. Singles, blind dating and marriage; I mean, there’s nothing better when it comes to reality TV than a new concept that’s more bizarre than the next.

And now, as the first season has just ended and we’ve received confirmation of two more seasons – thank you Netflix, we’ve now got the opportunity to star in the show ourselves, gasp.

Think you have what it takes to date in isolation? (I mean, get the practice in now), are you looking for the all elusive “one”, want to see yourself walk up the aisle sooner rather than later?

Well girl, now is your chance to shine.

Love Is Blind has opened applications and here’s how you can apply…

First of all, you’ll need to enter all of your basic details, your education and a link to your social media accounts.

The next step in the application is to upload two photos of yourself. One close-up, and one fully body.

Then, the part we all hate to divulge, our dating history. Here you must say if you’ve ever been married before, who you’re usually attracted to, what you’re looking for and absolute deal breakers (someone who doesn’t like dogs etc..)

They’ll also need to know if you’re a good talker, can you keep up a conversation as it’s all filmed via the pods and lastly, what it would mean to you to find the love of your life.

Could this be the call you’ve been waiting for?

The filming for season two will take place in Chicago and although you need to be a US citizen for that specific season, creators are also calling for applications from non US citizens. Potentially two new seasons, one being shot in Chicago and the other in the UK?

It’s looking very potential.

Well, what are you waiting for? You can apply here.


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