You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie, A Recap On KUWTK’s Final Season – Episode 1

Vicki Notaro is here each week, dishing the deets on every episode as we wave goodbye to the end of a reality TV era.

And we’re off! The 20th and final season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is here, and episode one laid the groundwork for lots of juiciness to come.  

It opens with Scott packing for the family’s Malibu vacation home with Khloe. They’re bemoaning the fact that they can’t go abroad as they usually do (join the queue, huns) but they’ve got a mansion up in the road at the seaside, and can come and go as they please and spend quality family time there together. In the course of their chats, Scott reveals he and Sofia Richie have split having spent too much time together in quarantine. They’re giving one another space. Hmm.

Cut to the gang arriving at a palatial beachfront mansion they all refer to as “cute”. Khloe is wearing a shiny leather skirt in seemingly very hot weather, and there’s a bit of RHONY-esque squabbling over who gets the best bedroom. Come on bishes, it’s gonna be Kris. Duh. 

Enter Kimmy, who tells us that she’s been studying 10-12 hours every day in preparation for her first year law exams, also known as the Baby Bar test. We will see more proof of this throughout the episode. Her children and Kanye are conspicuously absent, and she talks about needing peace and quiet to get her work done.

Tristan makes his entrance and WTF, he’s even joining Khloe in the confessional! Mama Kris has got him on the pay roll for this season, which is nice considering basketball season has been postponed. Khloe says that’s a silver lining, as he’s such a good dad, she wants to have another baby with him. However as they are NOT together romantically, they’ll be doing it with the help of science. Tristan makes it clear he would love to have Khloe back, and she seems to be genuinely flustered.

Enter Kourtney. I presume she’s back filming full time for the last season? Now that a line has been drawn in the sand and she doesn’t have to suffer through it all indefinitely. For a second I thought she was cutting loose and having the craic, but no, she’s drinking kombucha out of an icy wine glass.

She’s straight in to the relationship chats with Scott, and it’s immediately clear that the producers are still flogging this will they/won’t they horse after TWENTY SEASONS, and even though we know they’re both with other people now in a post-filming world. It seems he broke up with Sofia cos of his baggage with Kourtney and the kids; he understandably wants to put his children first. Kourtney stresses that while that’s great, she wants him to be happy in his personal life.

The other big storyline of the episode is Khloe’s fertility. She’s had her eggs frozen for years, but they didn’t thaw properly meaning she has to go through the whole harvesting scenario again. She’s doing hormone injections and struggling with how they make her feel. On a superficial level, I’m really liking her brown hair.

Kim is taking her Baby bar exam remotely in her lucky Skims pyjamas, of course. She really wants to pass first time like her dad did. She bought adult diapers because you can’t get up to pee, but thankfully didn’t have to use them. She doesn’t know if she passed but they’re having a party anyway! Kris says “it’s really hard to celebrate the way we used to.” Yes Kris, it bloody well is. Doesn’t stop yiz, though!


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The timeline gets a bit skewed here. Scott admits he spent Fourth of July weekend with Sofia, they’re back together and he’s going to make her a priority. However, that weekend is when Kanye announced his doomed run for President. There’s no mention of that in this episode; it seems they’re saving it for next week. We know the narrative in KUWTK is not linear, but this still seems odd.

Khloe’s eggs have been retrieved after surgery, and mixed with Tristan’s sperm to form embryos. We’re told three have made it, but doctors said that there’s an 80% chance Khloe will miscarry, which is obviously devastating. Having done the whole gestational carrier thing twice, Kim gives her the reassuring surrogacy chats. 

Moments later, we’re told Scott and Sofia are off again. He say his 21-year-old gf has given him, a 36-year-old father of three, an ultimatum – her or Kourtney. Considering Kourtney comes with his children and only living family, he chooses her and tells Sofia to sling her hook. Fair. Single Scott being set up early one means there’ll be lots of lusty gazes at Kourt for the remainder of the season.

The episode ends in a strange way – Khloe discussing gender selection and which of her children to have first. She has a girl embryo and two boys, and wants an older sister for her daughter True next. The privilege LEAPT out, and I thought this would be particularly difficult for people who want a baby, any baby, to watch.

That’s it for episode one – minimal Kris Kontent, a brief flash of Kendall and no Kylie at all. Next week, it seems Kim’s marital issues are at the forefront.


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