The 15-Year-Old ‘Catch Me Outside’ Girl Just Tried To Fight Iggy Azalea

This feud is the euro shop version of Nicki and Cardi's feud.

Remember the “Catch me outside” girl? Well now she’s apparently a rapper who goes by the name of Bhad Bhabie – and she just tried to fight Iggy Azalea.

The two gals were at the Fashion Nova x Cardi B collab launch on Wednesday when Bhad Bhabie threw her drink on Iggy. However, Iggy decided not to retaliate as Bhad Bhabie is literally 15. No, like, literally 15.

A video has been released by TMZ of the encounter, where you can clearly see Bhabie throwing a cup of water at Iggy’s head, Iggy being like “WTF?” and then Bhabie’s security holding her back while she screams nonsense, all while Iggy is still like ‘WTF?’. It also shows Bhabie being carried out by security.

After the confusing interaction, Iggy took to Instagram to continue to be like ‘WTF?’

After the party, TMZ asked the 15-year-old what the hell happened, to which she answered: “Listen, she was talking sh*t on Instagram so, b*tch, you fixin’ to say something, then b*tch, something’s going to happen to you. And I can’t get to her because I have security that’s not gonna let me. So, b*tch, I’m gonna do what I can.”

This may be what she was referring to.

So angery..


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