The 18 Greatest Power Couples In Pop Culture

True love or an arrangement, together or apart, these are the duos we'll remember forever as a pair.

Britney and Justin

Will our generation ever forget these two? We know Justin is married with a child, and we of course don’t want to break that up, but is his business with Britney finished? What about the double denim, the cheating scandal, his face when she smooched Christina and Madonna at the VMAs? Cry us a river all over again.

Jack and Dani

The reigning King and Queen of reality TV on this side of the Atlantic, Love Island victors Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer remain the absolute cutest. They’ve just moved in together in London, he’s tight with her famous dad, and we think they’re going to be a fixture on the modern celeb landscape for quite some time to come.

Harry and Meghan

For years, people wondered who the younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana would end up with. A bit of a lad with a reputation for partying and a penchant for blondes, I don’t think anyone expected him to fall in love with a divorced, older American actress, but that he did. And we don’t blame him – Meg is luminous, and theirs was the wedding of the year.


Currently going through a pretty acrimonious divorce with allegations of violence, custody issues and leaks to the tabloids happening daily, they were once the biggest couple there was. Brad Pitt infamously left golden gal Jennifer Aniston on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith and huge scandal ensued. He adopted her three children, they had three more together, but now things have sadly fallen apart. Here’s hoping they can at least sort things out civilly.

Tom and Rita

Mr Hanks and Ms Wilson have been a couple since 1985 (where they fell in love on set in what he described as a ‘kabang!’ moment of eye contact) and have acted together in classics like Sleepless in Seattle and That Thing You Do, and are the executive producers of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and both Mamma Mia movies. Total sounders.


The couple that made The Hills what it was, Heidi and Spencer Pratt were cast as villains in the scripted reality drama. However, it seems that they kinda came out of it all the winners. Now parents to baby Gunner, they live a relatively calm life surrounded by crystals and hummingbirds, and are active on social media. All that may soon change though, with the announcement of the show’s impending return…

Beyoncé and Jay Z

From 03 Bonnie and Clyde to Lemonade to The Carters, Bey and Jay are certainly used to talking about (and some might say capitalising on) the ups and downs of their relationship at this point, but punters eat it up if the success of their giant joint tour is anything to go by. Parents of three and seemingly on an upward swing, it’s fair to say we haven’t heard the last of these two yet…

Courtney and Kurt

Theirs was a tumultuous relationship that ended in tragedy with Kurt’s death, but it’s fair to say that Cobain and Courtney Love’s marriage was a huge point of inspiration and mutual pain as much as love in each of their lives, and that their influence on one another definitely played a part in their enduring global fame. They had one daughter, Frances Bean, who still has a rocky relationship with her mam today.

The Beckhams

They’ve just appeared together in the pages of British Vogue (although with him noticeably absent from the cover) and although their marriage is the subject of almost constant rumours of strife and infidelity, they still come as a pair. From matching outfits in the 90s to that Rebecca Loos scandal, thrones at their wedding to four beautiful children, they’ve weathered it all together.

The Higginses

Behind every great man is a a strong woman, or so they say, and it seems to be the case with our beloved President Michael D and his wife, Sabina. Always by his side and proudly beaming, this pair seem like the best of friends at the heart of it all.

John and Yoko

She was often blamed for splitting up The Beatles, and their relationship was far from conventional, but together John Lennon and Yoko Ono were a force to be reckoned with. From in-bed demonstrations to duets and art installations to love songs (not forgetting that Rolling Stone cover), theirs was a controversial love for the ages.


Yes they’re divisive, yes they can be vulgar, yes he’s been acting very strangely and mortifying her recently, but this pair are made for one another. He loved her from afar, there were rumours of sneaky hook-ups when they were both attached, but now they’re married and parents to three little beauts. We’ll never forget the Bound 2 video, anyway.

Goldie and Kurt

Famously unmarried and famously happy, these two have been together for 35 years and have raised three kids together – Goldie’s children Kate and Oliver Hudson, and their son Wyatt. They’re both outdoorsy, love skiing and hiking together and are pretty much living the Hollywood dream. Swoon.

Bennifer 1.0

One of the first celeb couples to be awarded a joint moniker, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were Hollywood’s hottest couple in the early Noughties. He was an Oscar-winning heart-throb, her a world famous sex symbol pop star and rom-com queen, they fell madly in love and he gave her a massive canary diamond rock. He starred in her music videos, they made two disastrously rated movies together and then she called off the wedding because she didn’t agree with his “lifestyle choices”. Poor Ben seems to still be struggling today, but is hopefully getting the help he needs.

The Obamas

So gorgeous together, so intelligent, so kind to one another that they make the current President and First Lady of the United States look even more buffoonish. Barack and Michelle appear to have a relationship built on mutual respect and admiration, and I believe it. They’re pretty much goals. Now, Bar, convince your wife to run for the top job, will ya?

Chrissy and John

The modern day embodiment of couple goals; she’s a gorgeous, funny model and presenter with a tendency to hilariously overshare on social media, he’s a gorgeous, funny crooner with the voice of an angel. Together over a decade after meeting on the set of one of his videos, Ms Teigen and Mr Legend are one of the most popular pairings on the planet, parents to two kids and two fur babies, and all round good guys.

Blake and Ryan

So good looking together it would almost make you sick, their saving grace is their shared humour – it stops people hating them, TBH. Parents of two daughters, both successful actors and total babes, they seem to live a pretty quiet and regular life when not on glitz and glam duty. We love ‘em.

Taylor and Burton

You could say Elizabeth Taylor was the original Angelina, causing scandal in the 60s for luring men away from their good gal wives on set. After doing that with Eddie Fisher (father of Star Wars’ late Carrie), she then met Richard Burton on Cleopatra and the two fell madly in love. They went on to marry and divorce twice (and Lizzie had two more hubbies after him) but they often said they were the great loves of one another’s lives.


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