The 5 Best Coachella Performances You Can Watch At Home On Your Sofa

As we can't be there, or even watch this year's performances online we're looking back at some of our favourites.

Given that Coachella is supposed to be starting this weekend, we are seriously missing the influx of style and incredible snippets of the live shows on our Insta feeds.

Even if you weren’t set to jet off to the festival we still like to enjoy it from a distance and tbh, it would be a welcome distraction right now.

We’ve rounded up our top five favourite Coachella performances, as the idea of going to a gig is so alien at the moment at least we can sit on our sofas and pretend, right?

Beyonce in 2018

This performance from Beyonce is now so legendary, so iconic that this year the festival was nicknamed Beychella. There’s also an entire Netflix documentary about it.

As the first female black artist to headline the festival in it’s 20 year history, she knew she had to put on an incredible performance, and of course she didn’t disappoint.

Dr Dre and Snoop Dog ft TuPac

One of the most unusual performances on our list was this in 2012.

Snoop Dog and Dr Dre were joined on stage by Tupac, 15 years after his death, as a hologram. Weird, wonderful and slightly trippy, they performed “2 of Americaz Most Wanted”

Lady GaGa in 2017

If anyone knows how to get a crowd going it’s Lady GaGa, and in 2017 that’s exactly what she did.

We love watching this performance and it never fails to get us wanting to dance around the place which is exactly what we want right now.

Kanye West in 2011

After performing at Coachella for first time in 2006 (apparently he was only booked 24 hours before) Kanye headlined the festival in 2011.

The rapper performed some of his most iconic hits like ‘Power’, ‘All Of The Lights’ and ‘Gold Digger.’ He was also joined on stage by an army of ballet dancers creating a set that will go down in Coachella history.

Amy Winehouse in 2007

Although not the most flashy or elaborate of sets like many of the others on this list, Amy Winehouse in 2007 was still something to behold.

It’s worth noting that the festival was nowhere near as big and flashy as it is today, but this performance from Amy will still send shivers down your spine.

Her appearance came after the release of Back to Black and saw her sing some of her most iconic and emotional songs, like Rehab. She was only 23 years old here.


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