The 5 Best Moments From Love Island’s Hilarious Baby Episode


We were all buzzing for the baby episode of Love Island, and by god it did not disappoint.

For any of you that may have missed it, last night the Islanders were faced with the task of becoming parents to baby dolls. Some rose to the challenge – New Jack is going to make the best dad, srslyhowever some couldn’t run away fast enough (*cough* Josh *cough).

Given that this episode was the greatest hour of TV we’ve had all summer, we’ve rounded up our highlights from the baby bedlam.

1. Jack and Laura not checking the sex of their baby

Jack and Laura forgot to check one important thing before naming their kid… whether it was a boy or a girl. It was only when baby Aubrey needed a nappy change that they discovered they had a baby girl, and not a boy like they presumed. Somehow they still managed to win the challenge.

2. Dr Alex on duty

Alex put his doctor skills to use by carrying out health checks on the newborns. His baby mama Alexandra didn’t seem too impressed, however, saying she thought he was “running away from [his] responsibilities a little bit”. We think she might be right.

3.  Josh showing he’s nowhere near ready to be a dad

As soon as Josh was woken up by loud baby cries, he was climbing the walls to escape, but the single most hilar moment of the episode was when he broke poor little baby Prince’s arm off. We’re still chuckling.

4. The boys learning the gory deets on child birth

The boys now know all the joys of childbirth, as Dr Alex left them horrified by giving them the suss on C sections (which involved the word ‘tear’ a lot). We were a little grossed out too, TBH.

5. The amazing buggie race

By far the greatest scene on the show all series. The girls left the villa for a well-earned break away from the kids, and we just knew it was all going to end in tears. We’ve watched this clip a hundred times already.

The episode was such a hit that all the Love Island babies now have their very own twitter accounts. The wonderful world of Twitter, eh?


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