The Amount of Money Adele Earned For Each Night Of Her Tour Last Year Will Legit Blow Your Mind

More money than we could ever dream of. Sigh.

Adele makeup Grammys 2016

You might want to have a sit down.

While we mournfully check our bank balances and patiently await the arrival of pay day, we’ve painfully learned the total sum Adele earned during each night of her Live 2016 tour – and TBH, it’s more money than most of us earn in a decade. Sigh.

It’s reported that over the course of her 107-date tour last year, Adele made £500,000 (around €588,000, btw) for each and every night she performed.

“If you break it down then she was making more than half a million every single night,” a source revealed to The Sun. “The latest accounts just go up until April, when she was only a few months into the tour, which make it all the more astounding.”

Nearly half a million a night? Now there’s a salary worth getting out of bed for.

With all of this recent success it’s not surprising that Adele has announced another tour this year, with dates in both Australia and the UK. Well, when you’re raking in that kind of cash, wouldn’t you?


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