The Best Home Workouts For When Your Gym Is Closed

You may be missing your morning workouts, but don't worry we've got you covered. 

Already feeling a bit stir crazy?

With many gyms closed over the next few weeks you may be missing your morning workouts, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

All of these workouts are easy to do indoors, or if you’re up for embracing the cold you can do them outside. Ideal to do on your own, or if you’re already in desperate need of an afternoon activity get your siblings or flatmates involved.

Joe Wicks

At this point it’s hard not to have heard of Joe Wicks, or The Body Coach. His entire fitness career has been based on providing people with easy HIIT workouts they can do from home.

Almost all of his videos are around the 20 minute mark, but don’t let that fool you as you will be seating buckets by the end. The majority of them require little or zero equipment, but don’t forget you can always substitute weights with water bottles or other household items!

He has tonne of free videos online here. 

Maeve Madden

This Irish influencer has so many workouts posted in her Instagram account. Everything from abs, arms and booty is covered with very little equipment needed.

Again, many of her videos are HITT workouts so will only take about 20 minutes, but trust us you’ll feel the burn.

Head over to her Instagram account @maeve_madden to get started!

Yoga With Adriene

We’ve always loved this Texas yogi, as she’s quirky and super chill. She’s absolutely huge on YouTube, with over six million subscribers as people love her fun and informative videos.

She has a yoga video for everything. Sore necks, anxiety, period pain, you name it she’s got a video for it.

We especially love her 30 day yoga challenges which she frequently runs on her channel. Take this time if you’re at home to give one of these a go!

Check out her videos here.

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