The Best Workout Clothes – 7 Brands To Put On Your Radar In 2021

Ready to sweat? Here's what we're stocking up on this year.

Although we might not have gyms open for the time being, we’re taking our workouts to the sitting room, bedroom, back garden and local park (within the 5K) to help boost our moods and our fitness levels this January.

And as we all know, there’s nothing that really boosts the motivation to actually *get* going and workout like a nice new gym set.

Good workout gear that makes you feel confident and at least somewhat pumped for the activity ahead is key. Not only will you feel proud of yourself after the workout is complete, but at least you’ll feel pretty good going into it too.

And as Joe Wicks says, ‘you never regret a workout once it’s done’, it’s just about getting over the hurdles to getting there and kickstarting.

1. Powercut Clothing 

Powercut, Ireland’s fastest growing functional athleisure brand has taken the market by storm since launching just 12 months ago. Whether you are going for a run, out for a hike, or relaxing at home, there’s something for everyone in the Powercut range.

Leggings – €39 / bra – €24 

2. Tala

Tala is a UK sustainable sportswear brand promoting high-performance designs and flattering fits. Not only does the company strive to create products which are 100% up-cycled, but the brand’s new lines often sell out at rapid speed due to their incredible customer loyalty and satisfied fans.

Leggings – €49.80

3. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is a brand you’ve probably heard of, known globally for their ethical manufacturing, size inclusivity and recycled materials. The sets are also seriously gorge and picking a colour is honestly the hard part.

We for one adore these moss green leggings from Seagreen.

Leggings €69.

4. Gym+Coffee

Another Irish athleisure brand, Gym+Coffee has quickly grown to be a major Irish sportswear brand. Founded by three creators, their mission was simple, create gym gear that combines physical activity with a social aspect, hence the name “Gym+Coffee”, it’s all about bringing people together, working out and feeling good while doing so.

We love.

Leggings €65 / bra €45

5. Hush

New from Hush, the clothing brand launched their fabulous active range this month. The collection is crafted from ECONYL, a regenerated nylon made from recycled fishing nets, industrial plastic and recycled fabric, so you can help the planet while looking fantastic.

Leggings £69 / bra £39

6. Lululemon

A favourite with yogis, Lululemon has built up a serious rep as being one of the best in the business for workout leggings for both their comfort and durability.

A technical athletic apparel brand for yoga, running, training and everything in between, those who love Lululemon will tell you their leggings are just about perfect for wearing all the time. They are a little bit more pricey though, but look out for the sales, they’re good.

Cropped leggings – €98 

7. Fabletics

And lastly, it’s only right we end on a celeb brand that’s loved, right? Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is one that has been growing rapidly since it launched in 2013. With brand ambassadors like Maddie Ziegler, not only are the fits cute, but they’re worn by those in the sports and creative industries, proving they’re not just a celeb faced brand, they’re decent too.


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We adore (and want them all), please.