The Biggest Social Media Irritants Of 2020

Admit it, we all know at least one person guilty of what's on this list.

Like fashion trends, they change from year to year. This is the definitive list of online wreck the heads in the most effed up 12 months ever.

The Who? Guy

You tag someone on Instagram or Twitter that you like/find amusing/want to know more about, and inevitably someone (likely, a man. Even more likely, older) will say “Who? Never heard of them. ARRRGH!

The Mugger

This person likes making fun little stories and TikToks, but for some unknown reason, feel the need to mug to the camera as if it’s a baby looking to be entertained. The facial contortions know no bounds. It is literally the opposite of being natural online, and strangely off-putting.

The Corona Truther

Did you know that everything the government is telling us about Covid-19 is a lie?  That wearing a mask infringes your human rights? That DP centres are not to blame for the virus spreading again, but in fact, visiting your Nanna is? Of course, none of that is true, but a certain section of the internet lives to tell you it is.

The Corona Panicker

THE ARMY IS COMING! Influencers are brunching without masks! There were two lads on the bus picking their noses and touching the rails! MODELS ARE ON HOLIDAYS AND NOT ISOLATING ON THEIR RETURN! This person is going to be grey-haired with an ulcer by the end of all this.

The Random Tagger

The post said tag three friends to be in with a chance of winning the competition. Tagging celebrities or influencers will not increase your chance of winning, it will only make you seem very strange indeed.

The Boomer

No, not that boomer. This person can only do an Insta Story if it’s a series of migraine-inducing boomerangs. Glass clinking segues to peace signing which segues to more glass clinking, and then some plate displaying for good measure. By the end of their story, you’re always vaguely nauseous.

The Great Exaggerator

EVERYONE is ALWAYS asking this person about something. They are CONSTANTLY inundated with questions and requests about their fabulous life. They are SORRY that they haven’t been on for the chats, and their DMs are FULL. They’ll get to them eventually, they promise.

The Creepy Questioner

An “ask my anything” box on an Insta Story is catnip to these people. Whether it’s creepy guys messaging their phone number, nosy wagons wondering when your last period was, or just people asking mundane questions the poster has already answered/tagged 5,000 times, it’s kinda exhausting.

The WB Hun

Full credit to @amyohconnor for coining this one – the female equivalent of the infamous Reply Guy, who demands to know where you got the cotton buds on your nightstand, and isn’t often very polite. Example of an Insta DM from her: “Cotton buds?” Say please, doll. It’s polite.

The Insta Lick

This is a well-worn trope but has only worsened since Covid boredom levels soared. This is the person who spends their life tagging people with a bigger following than them, hoping desperately that the Insta Celeb will reshare and their own profile will be boosted. We see you, girl.

The Bitter B*tch

This one lives on message boards devoted to slagging people off, takes any and every opportunity to join an online pile-on when somebody f*cks up, and struggles to find the joy in any situation, or for anyone else’s happiness. To be pitied, tbqh.

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