The Eurovision Stage Invader Is A Repeat Offender… And You Might Recognise Him!

Did you see the dramatic moment?

The Eurovision song contest never fails to deliver more than a few talking points, and this year was no different.

Ireland finished in 16th place, with eventual winners Israel stealing the show. But it was the UK’S performance that had us saying ‘Wait… what just happened?’

Singer SuRie’s performance was interrupted by a stage invader who took her mic from her hand and reportedly said “For the Nazis of the UK media we demand freedom”.

He was quickly removed from the stage by security, and SuRie declined the hosts offer to sing again, as she felt happy with her performance.

This morning however, a lot of people are putting the pieces together, and it seems as if the protestor has been seen before in similar circumstances!

The man who goes by Dr A C Activism is thought to be the same man who rushed the stage at both The Voice live finals and the UK’S National Television Awards, before being confronted and led off stage by host Dermot O’Leary.

This lad obviously has a message he wants heard on a major scale, but all we want to know is how the eff did he get past all the security!?


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