The Funniest Moments From The Traitors So Far

We're hooked.

If you aren’t watching The Traitors, what are you doing?!

The thrilling TV show sees twenty two strangers competing for a cash prize, but some of them have been secretly chosen as traitors.

The group must figure out who the traitors are and vote them out at the roundtable each night.


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If the traitors make it through to the end, they’ll get to split the cash prize between them – but if the ‘faithfuls’ can sniff them all out, they’ll get to share the dough.

Each night, the traitors also get to secretly murder one of the group, which leads to lots of suspicions and tensions throughout.

It’s absolutely hilarious, totally and utterly dramatic, and ideal for cosy January nights in.

A warning for serious spoilers ahead, as we’re going to look back at some of the funniest moments from the show so far!

Diane’s bob

Diane’s bob is bobbing!

The 63 year old mam has become somewhat of a camp icon on Twitter, and everyone is in agreement that her bob is simply iconic.

Jazatha Christie

Jaz earning himself the iconic title of Jazatha Christie because he’s somehow managed to suss out both Paul and Harry.

We believe in you, Jaz.

Anthony’s motto

Anthony saying the phrase “let that sink in” about six times in one evening had us in stitches.

And you know what, the faithfuls should let that sink in!

All of the Paul memes

Paul is the literal super villain of this season, and we’re living for all of the memes we’re squeezing out of it.

Evil Van Gogh? Dead.

Claudia’s disappointment

Claudia Winkleman does a great job of making the faithfuls feel absolutely terrible every time they vote out someone who isn’t a traitor, and we’re living for how savage she is!

Ash’s Easter Egg

Okay, was this specific choice of words by Ash a stroke of genius or a total coincidence?

If it was on purpose, it might have been a little too subtle…as nobody caught on.

Still though, we’re obsessed with the subconscious Taylor Swift style hint dropping!

Diane and Ross

Is there anything more hilarious than Zach correctly guessing that Diane is someone in the group’s mother, but getting the identity of her son totally wrong?

You were so close, Zach! So close.

Also, the level of sneakiness between Diane and Ross? We’re obsessed.

Brian’s fumble

Poor Brian. He was playing a great game, but the roundtable pressure just got to him – and we hate to say it, but it made for great television.

The dramatic music

The Traitors music is about as dramatic as can be – and it’s serving as a contentious point online!

Some love it, some hate it, some think it’s downright hilarious (that’s us).

Everyone’s reaction to the poisoned chalice 

Finally, we’ve been left on a shocking cliffhanger in the last episode, as Miles looks like he’s about to hand off the poisoned chalice to Diane – meaning she’ll be banished from this season.

Of course, Twitter is up in arms about the possibility of losing ‘mother’, and their reactions are keeping us entertained until this week’s reveal!