The Location For The Friends Reunion Has Hit Us Right In The Feels

It's like they never left 🥲

The excitement for the Friends reunion show is mounting, and adding to that, the location of the reunion is thought to have been confirmed.

Sharing a snap of a very familiar setting, set designer Greg Grande teased fans with a snapshot of Monica’s old apartment. Captioning the post on Instagram he wrote:

“Sssh! Somethings happening, deja vu… coming alive once again! ❤️”

Fans immediately took it that the reunion would be taking place in the NY apartment we all know and love, with people sharing their excitement in the comments section.


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Greg is responsible for creating all of the character’s New York apartments and Central Perk too, so it’s safe to say the reunion is in very good hands once again.

Speaking previously to Entertainment Weekly about his work, Greg said: “I felt like Monica’s apartment was pretty iconic. Monica’s was definitely the standout.”

Other than the setting, some details have emerged of what we can expect from the reunion, with the cast confirming that it will not be a new scripted episode, but rather a sit down chat with the original 6 cast members. During their chat they’re expected to talk about the show, what it meant to them, and their favourite memories over the 10 years it was on air.

The show was originally set to be filmed last spring but was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, since then filming has been pushed back once more, however it is now due to be underway very soon, according to recent reports.

The release date and information is not yet known, but we’ll be the first to update you once news comes in.




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