The Lovely Reason Why Niall Horan Decided To Speak Out About The 8th Referendum

He wanted his young female followers to feel like he was 'on their side'. Aww.

Niall Horan coming out in support of Repeal was one of the memorable moments of referendum day (which was just about two weeks ago. Time flies).

On the day of the vote, people were thrilled to see him join the growing group of celebrities calling for a Yes vote, encouraging the Irish portion of his 40m followers to get down to the polling station:

Given that Niall doesn’t share many of his political opinions, the tweet was a lovely surprise – and he recently explained why he decided to do it.

“Sometimes I think, do people actually care what I say? Because I’m just a pop star in a lot of people’s eyes,” he told an Australian TV show.

There are a lot of young girls that follow me so if they see that I have an opinion on that they might feel like I’m on their side, which they should feel, because it’s a very important issue. If I feel strongly about something I’ll say something about it.

Fair play to you Nialler.


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